Artists, graphical designers, cartoonists and students from African countries are working together on an interactive card game called “Waste Masters Africa”, a project launched by Global Recycling Foundation jointly with Mr. Van Kooten from Dutch Waste Management Association, to raise awareness about the need to stop dumping of waste.

The project is supported by the Global Recycling Foundation which seeks to re-educate the world that waste is a precious resource. GRF Founding President, Ranjit Baxi, said: “We will continue to support initiatives such as Waste Masters Africa that help to bring about the public awareness that is so necessary to create a greener planet for our children and grandchildren.”

Ranjit Baxi: “We are running out of time to reverse the potentially catastrophic effects of poor waste management, and the only thing that will provoke the necessary change is greater global public awareness. Education is one of the fundamental ways in which we can affect consumer and corporate behavior change, enabling the promotion of an environmentally friendly Africa.” Van Kooten adds: “Every year, 660 million tons of municipal waste is dumped all over the world. The biggest problems arise in Asia and Africa, where often not only a solid waste infrastructure is lacking, but also the awareness of the need for good waste management.”

Waste Masters Africa is an interactive card game that can be used in schools, homes and even businesses. A new playing card will be published every other week, the process of which can be followed on social media. Van Kooten: “Besides having fun, the game also gives players the opportunity to become more aware of the importance of good waste management and recycling.”

When the game is played, the goal is to hold as few points as possible.  Each playing card is provided with a number and a cartoon in the context of waste management. The better for the environment the lower the number.

Cartoonist Drew Tete and student Gideon Mpungu from Uganda are the team who will make the first card, followed by teams from Nigeria, Zambia and Morroco.

Drew Tete: “My hope is that I can use my art to reverse the impact of poor waste management and cause genuine change in our environment.”

Gideon Mpungu: “I believe that protecting the world that supports us all should be everyone’s job and I look forward to being part of the “Waste Masters Africa” initiative.”

Ms. Eguvwe M. Yugbovwre of Ajebotoons Animation Studio (Lagos, Nigeria): “This project will help remind Nigerians of the importance of recycling and the grave consequences of dumping waste anywhere.”

Mr. Mike Asukwo: “We live, on a daily basis, with the threat of mismanaged waste in the city of Lagos. The card project will ensure that this problem is not allowed to continue.”

Ms. Moejoh Oluwaseyi Peace: “Our Environment is degrading. Waste is a huge problem and everyone needs to know how they can play a part in solving this debilitating issue.”

Mr. Mwelwa Musonko, Owner and Chief Creative Officer Foresight Comics (Zambia): “To make climate change action work we need to integrate all possible ways of information sharing and reception. In my experience as a videogame developer, I find that games have the potential for engagement and creating awareness. We all have a role to play.”

Mr. Jacques Koeweiden, Studio KoeweidenAmsterdam : “There is no time to waste and  I hope many great artists around the world will team up with Waste Masters Africa.”

Mr. Ahmed Larouz: “This international project is going to raise awareness about the many environmental challenges Africa is facing. Waste dumping is an unsustainable practice and should be stopped.”

Mr. David Lamb, President Rotary Club Brussels Cantersteen: “Rotary Brussels Cantersteen is happy to give our support to this excellent and inspiring initiative, raising awareness and addressing a major climate issue, and the message is very clear – there is no time to waste!”


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About the Global Recycling Foundation

The Global Recycling Foundation, formed by the Bureau of International Recycling in October 2018, supports the promotion of recycling, and the recycling industry, across the world in order to showcase its vital role in preserving the future of the planet.  It will promote Global Recycling Day as well as other educational programmes, awareness projects and innovation initiatives which focus on the sustainable and inclusive development of recycling.

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The progress of the project is to follow via Facebook. Organizations and persons who want to contribute to the project can contact Van Kooten or the other team members via social media.

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